Honoring Veterans & Preserving Southern History

The NC-SCV is committed to honoring the service of our brave Confederate ancestors and preserving Southern history. We are on the front lines of saving Southern history from the destructive and evil forces that would rewrite history and denigrate our family history.

We have many answers for those, so ignorant of our past, that would destroy memorials to our valiant dead.

The NC-SCV memorials fund is one of those answers. Over the years since the funds creation, the NC-SCV memorials fund has erected or helped to erect new North Carolina Confederate Memorials. In recent months the fund has saved several historical plaques that might have otherwise been removed, due to lack of funding by other historical organizations or government entities. These plaques preserve and educate on local history. With so many recent attacks on our heritage we need all of the financial help we can get, to preserve our history for future generations to see and learn from.

If you wish to support our mission please consider a monetary donation to the N.C. SCV Memorials fund.

Donations to the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans are fully tax deductible.

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