New Bern, NC, Confederate Soldiers Memorial Dedication

On Saturday, July 8th, we dedicate a new Confederate Soldiers Memorial in New Bern, NC.
New Bern Memorial
After years of witnessing memorials illegally removed by tyrannical fiat and mob destruction with no justice or respect for historical accuracy, our ancestors, us as family and descendants, nor the laws protecting our veterans and historical art, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, North Carolina Division SCV, SCV Camps, and Monuments Across Dixie have been working on turning the tide and erecting new memorials on SCV owned lands that will remain under our protection and control.
The Rains Brothers Camp 1370 in New Bern has completed one such effort. The North Carolina Division SCV is proud to announce that the dedication of a new Confederate Soldiers Memorial in New Bern, NC, will take place on July 8th at noon. Please join us for an outstanding dedication and celebration of the accomplishment.
The North Carolina Division SCV looks forward to seeing and supporting more camps in similar efforts. We want to see more new memorials to our ancestors placed throughout the state, especially where the cultural Marxists have illegally removed Southern American historical monuments in recent years. The North Carolina Division SCV helps fund these efforts, in part, through the NC Division SCV Memorial Fund. For more information and to make donations visit
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