Reflections on Independence

As we celebrate Independence Day, I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking about what his or her ancestors endured. Mine left tyranny behind in Scotland, Wales, Germany, France and England. They, literally, put their lives and livelihoods on the line to build a society where liberty could flourish. Some were farmers or coopers, others were judges or lawyers. They ALL hoped for and worked toward future generations having a better way of life than they did.

To my grandfathers who signed the Halifax Resolves, charged up King’s Mountain, served as state delegates, planted churches, preached the Gospel, built businesses, or set out as pioneers into the mountains, I appreciate your sacrifice and strength.

To my grandmothers who lived through war on their very doorsteps, watched the men they loved leave knowing they may never come home (and many didn’t), decorated the graves of our heroes, raised families, nurtured communities and were pioneers themselves in more ways than one, I owe you more than can be repaid.

To my ggg grandfathers buried in a mass grave at Point Lookout and to my gg grandfather who lost a leg at Cold Harbor in defense of home and an illegal invasion, I am so sorry for what we’ve allowed this nation, and especially the South, to become.

To all the ministers and missionaries who came before me and whose blood flows through my veins, I shudder to think of the sorrow you would feel seeing how this nation no longer wishes to bless God nor be blessed by Him. The Bible Belt has come unbuckled and we’re losing our proverbial britches.

And to my daddy who embodied the warrior, patriot and servant of Christ, thank you for teaching your children truth and showing us by example how to stand up, even in the midst of ridicule or hardship. You were a real leader and my hero.

I’m honored to come from such strong stock and I know many of you share similar family legacies and feel the same as I do. I have always felt humbled to live in this country. I am praying now for us all. The ignorance and hatred is coming at us from every side! God, please help us remember our heritage in this nation!

We must pray for the strength to take action and to put our differences aside and work together to preserve the past and secure the future. The mission of the NC SCV Memorials Fund is to care for our current memorials, erect new ones, and assist in purchasing private land to place them on. Honor your heritage of independence and liberty by donating today!

If you wish to support our mission please consider a monetary donation to the N.C. SCV Memorials fund.

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