Leave it at the Museum!

Chatham County Courthouse is also an Historic Museum. How many times have we heard that Confederate memorials belong in a museum? Well, Pittsboro residents, yours is already there! So, why the supposed need to move it? The statue was dedicated in 1907 as a memorial to the men of Chatham County who sacrificed, many with their lives, to defend their homes and community from invasion. It was put in place to honor the veterans. North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Walter Clark was the orator at the dedication ceremony and was introduced by Mr. Henry London. The statue was presented by Mrs. H. A. London and received by Lieutenant O. A. Hanner. Colonel John R. Lane served as Chief Marshall for the occasion. On one side of the memorial, it reads: THIS MONUMENT IS THE GIFT OF THOSE WHO / RESERVE THE MEMORY OF THE CONFEDERATE / SOLDIER. ERECTED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE WINNIE / DAVIS CHAPTER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE / CONFEDERACY. MRS. H.A. LONDON / PRESIDENT / AUG. 23 1907 What is the function of a museum if not to reserve and preserve the memories of our past? It is not necessary that everyone within a community understand nor relate to every aspect of the local history, but it is irresponsible of anyone to support the removal of or destruction of any part of local history. Protecting ALL memorials, artifacts, documents, etc is the only way to ensure that every citizen has access to a well-rounded, complete history of the area in which he/she resides. What good can come from erasing or revising history? None. All that will be accomplished is division, ignorance and censorship. Protect our history! Leave our Veterans Memorials in place!

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4 thoughts on “Leave it at the Museum!”

  1. You are correct in stating that many times those people have said our Memorials belong in a Museum, but their actions of wanting to remove our Memorial in Pittsboro, proves that what they say is just another lie.

    Those people’s goal is nothing more than the complete eradication of our Heritage. It is being commenced one step at a time. That is why we, the SCV, need to act.
    Once a Memorial is down, and the longer it stays down, it will not go back up. How many have you seen replaced in it’s prior and proper location?
    Take New Orleans, and Memphis for example. Our Memorials there have been down for so long (years) we, the Members of the SCV don’t even hear a whisper about them, or what we are doing to have them restored.
    This attack on our Heritage started in the bigger cities (Baltimore, Dallas, Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, Durham, Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem) and now the second wave of their plan, movement to the out lying smaller communities, such as the Pittsboros, Wadesboros, the Salisburys…………..If we, the SCV do not act, you will soon see the Memorial to our Heritage in your area under attack………………

    The question we, the SCV must ask is, how far are we to go to uphold our Charge. A Charge that calls for us to defend………………..

  2. In Hendersonville NC there are monuments to both the Confederate and Yankee soldiers. They are also at the Historic Courthouse Museum. No rumblings about removable yet. But we shall see. Can’t remove one without the other

  3. I Agree this push to kill Christianity/History is only part of the overall one to completely change America. No stopping with just a little. So far I have heard of a Statue of Mary being removed, one of Father Junipero Sierra, Some Indians is San Francisco, an America President, and more coming. Hold on to all you can.

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