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Message from William O’Quinn

2018 June 4
by Ellen Stone


Thank you for all of the emails that you have sent to the Address.  Right now we have the majority of emails calling for the replacement of the monument.  Now, we need you to please send in comments to the committee’s facebook page which is, City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials.

In the past, I and others in the division questioned whether an abundance of emails and letters would even help sway the powers-that-be.  However, I have now come to the conclusion that we need to inundate the paper and every time there is a letter supporting the removal of the memorials and monuments.  We need to keep up the emails and letters to the politicians.  We need to “keep up the skeer” as General Forrest said.  If we have an overwhelming public out cry to keep these memorials, then we can us the numbers as evidence of what real Southern men and women of the Old North State really want!  You better believe that I am going to use fact that there is majority of pro emails to the Durham Committee to fight to keep the monument in Durham!  So please keep them coming!

Always for the Cause,

William G. O’Quinn
Durham City-County Committee on
Confederate Monuments and Memorials
Durham, N.C. SCV Camp #773

Mechanized Cavalry Benefit Ride

2018 June 4
by Ellen Stone

Public committee meeting

2018 June 4
by Ellen Stone

The next public meeting of the City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials will be on Thursday, June 7th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, in the Commissioners Chambers at the Durham County Building, 200 East Main Street.

Please plan to attend.


The Durham Confederate Soldiers Monument

2018 April 24
by admin

The Confederate Soldiers Monument was erected in 1924 in front of the Old Durham County Court House. Dedicated in May of 1924 it was believed to have been paid for with a percentage of local taxes that had been saved by the county, but it was actually paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The statue was illegally pulled down by protestors in 2017 as part of nationwide demonstrations that followed protests in Charlottesville, VA. The Durham County sheriff’s office arrested and charged Takiya Fatima Thompson, Emmanuel Strobino, Ngoc Loan Tran, and Peter Gull Gilbert, with two felonies — participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 and inciting others to riot — and two misdemeanors — disorderly conduct by injury to a statue and damage to property, on the same charges. Aaron Alexander Caldwell, Raul Mauro Arce Jimenez and Elena Everett — were arrested and charged with one felony — inciting a riot — and three misdemeanors — injury to personal property less than $200, injury to real property and defacing a public monument. While additional protests resulted,  all charges were dropped on February 20, 2018.