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The Enemy Within

2018 November 3
by Ellen Stone


We spend a lot of time talking about Yankees, antifa, liberals, and residents of the South who weren’t born here. But, are these groups really our biggest enemies? What of Southern-born folks, many of whom have Confederate ancestors, who turn their backs on their own heritage and family history? The Enemy Within may very well be our greatest foe.

Sadly, our school systems, our historical societies, our heritage groups, our churches, and our own families have fallen short way too often in keeping the truth of our history alive. We sat back in complacency while only the Union viewpoint was taught in our classrooms and while songs like “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” played in our churches. We created a void in many areas that liberals filled with propaganda and lies, paving the way for the environment we are currently living in.

Recently, in Salisbury, North Carolina, some members of St. John’s Lutheran congregation called for removal of a memorial called Fame. The statue depicts an angel holding a dying Confederate soldier. The fact that a memorial to our past family members who died defending their homes is now deemed offensive, even by people who were raised in our communities, is a testament to how desperately we need to educate against the lies and indoctrination.

Saving and caring for our memorials, as well as working to erect more, is crucial. Continuing to be proactive, speak up, engage others and share the truth is the least we can do to defend the honor of our grandfathers, uncles and cousins who fought so valiantly. It’s not just about ancestors, it’s about family. It’s not just about history, it’s about legacy. It’s not just about our past, it’s about our future.

Consider donating today so the NC Division of the SCV can continue to work to preserve Confederate heritage.



Last Public Meeting – Durham Committee

2018 October 8
by Matthew McGuigan

This is the last public meeting of the Durham City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials.

The speaker is Scott Holmes, the attorney that represented the self described communists in their charges for the toppling of the veterans memorial in Durham.

Ten members of the public are allowed to speak for three minutes each. This is your last chance to speak and we need supporters to show up.

This Thursday Oct. 11th at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

City Council Chambers @ City Hall
101 City Hall Plz, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Can’t make the meeting? Send your comments to

Soldiers Memorials Bumper Sticker

2018 September 14
by Matthew McGuigan

This new Soldiers Memorials bumper sticker is available for a limited time to those who donate $5 or more to the NC SCV Memorials Fund, via!


Rougemont – Durham County Committee Meeting

2018 September 3
by Matthew McGuigan

The next meeting of the Durham City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials is September 5th in Rougemont.

This is believed to be another Community Engagement style meeting. Do not come prepared to speak. Come prepared to answer the questions in this survey:

If you are unable to attend. Please fill out the survey online. We thank you for supporting our veterans, our heritage, and American history.

Wednesday, September 5th,  7 PM – 8:30 PM

Rougemont Ruritan Club ( 212 Bacon Rd, Rougemont, NC 27572 )

The Guest Speaker Will be:
Elizabeth Shulman, Archivist, North Carolina Collection of the Durham Public Library

Durham County Insurance

2018 August 22
by Matthew McGuigan

Durham County filed a “Report Only” claim for the destruction of the Durham County Confederate Veterans Memorial, but did not pursue the claim.

Durham County appears to have 1 million in insurance covering the Durham County memorial. Freeing the tax payers of any burden.

The memorial was not removed by legal means and is protected by N.C. Law. The County is obligated to restore the memorial as quickly as possible. Rewarding mob rule for more than a year is an outrage that leads to anarchy, as we have seen in Chapel Hill.

Restore the Rule of Law and Restore the Memorials NOW!


Durham County Commissioners
200 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701

or call the Clerk to the Board’s office at (919) 560-0025, FAX: (919) 560-0013, between the hours of 8:30 AM-5:00 PM.

Write your representatives:

Give to the N.C. Division SCV Defense Fund and N.C. Division SCV Memorial Fund Today!

Silent No More

2018 August 21
by Ellen Stone

By now, most of you are well aware that Silent Sam was vandalized on the UNC campus. In the past few weeks, memorials have been vandalized in Richmond, Va and Charleston, SC as well as Salisbury, NC.

Elected officials and authorities should be upholding the law rather than issuing stand down orders which make them complicit in these crimes. We should be calling and emailing our local council members, mayors, and our state legislators to express our disapproval in the handling of these events. The law is clear. Veteran’s memorials are protected by state law. There should be no discussion on “what to do with Confederate statues” by specially formed and appointed committees. The only lawful conclusion must be to leave the monuments in place. Otherwise, the committees are advocating the circumvention of law.

We have seen that politicians, law enforcement and the courts will not always conduct themselves honorably. Sadly, justice isn’t always served. When there are little or no consequences for criminal action, it only emboldens the violent socialist organizations. They start to feel invincible when they are not held accountable for their actions.

But, OUR actions CAN make a difference. Besides contacting your officials, you can support the NC Division of the SCV in restoring memorials, like the one in Durham, as well as erecting new ones. Antifa tears down, but we continue to build up. Please, join the efforts by donating today.

To some, they may be only statues. To us, they are memorials to our family members; brave men who risked their lives and gave their lives in defense of their homes. The agenda of the militant left is not just to eradicate Confederate history. The goal is to destroy our legacy of Judeo-Christian principles, love of liberty, and strong sense of community, thereby ripping apart the very fabric of our nation. Ignorance, propaganda and lies have permeated our society and we must fight back. Making a donation today to the Memorial Fund is a great place to start.

Teresa Roane to Speak in Durham

2018 August 9
by Ellen Stone

The next meeting of the City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials will be on Thursday, August 23rd at 7:00 PM in the City of Durham Council Chambers, 101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC. The scheduled speaker is Ms. Teresa Roane of Richmond, Virginia. 

Ms. Roane earned her B.A. in history at Virginia Commonwealth University. She worked for eight years at the Richmond Public Library followed by fifteen years at the Valentine Museum’s library. As an archivist for over seven years at the Museum of the Confederacy, she specializes in compiling service records for Men of Color who served in the Confederate Military. Please make plans to attend her presentation.

URGENT UPDATE!!!! Durham Committee Meeting Place Changed

2018 August 7
by Matthew McGuigan


The meeting of the Durham City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials, for Tuesday August 7th 2018 will be at the SOUTH library (4505 South Alston Avenue, Durham, North Carolina 27713).

The meeting will NOT be at the previously scheduled Southwest Library.

The time is still 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Please let all who plan to attend know of this change. Thank you.

Committee Meeting in Durham

2018 July 23
by Ellen Stone

There will be a meeting of the City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials at the Southwest Regional Library in Durham on August 7th at 7 PM. Address is 3605 Shannon Road, Durham.

Boyd Sturges, attorney for the NC Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be speaking. More information on him may be found at this link:

Please, make plans to attend this important meeting.




Bumper Stickers

2018 July 3
by Matthew McGuigan

This bumper sticker is available for a limited time to those who donate $5 or more to the NC SCV Memorials Fund, via!

Donate Today!