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1. Are the funds going to the Bennitt or Mingo camp’s general funds?

2. Where are the funds going?
The funds are going to the N.C. Division Memorial Fund.

3. Are the funds earmarked to be used for the rebuild or restoration of the Durham memorial?
Yes, unless by operation of law, impracticability, or impossibility the Durham memorial is unable to be restored as it was prior to its destruction. Our goal is to restore the memorial, however, the climate in Durham is extremely hostile and may prevent us from being able to accomplish our goal. Other plans will be made if so and there will be a memorial in Durham county one way or the other.

4. Will the funds be returned, if not needed for the Durham memorial?
No, they will be used for restoring, maintaining, or building other N.C. Confederate memorials.

5. Are the funds being used for attorneys to defend the memorials?
No, there is a separate, heritage defense fund for that purpose.

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