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Save “Silent Sam” Now

2018 December 9
by Matthew McGuigan


The Boy Soldier – N.C. Division SCV – UNC-CH 2017

A message from Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

Compatriots and Friends,

As you may know, this past Monday, December 3, 2018, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees [BOT]  (led by its chancellor, Carol Folt, and a whole slew of highly-paid university “administrators”—paid for by North Carolina taxpayers) issued what it termed its “Recommendation for the Disposition and Preservation of the Confederate Monument”—“Silent Sam”—and sent its report to the UNC system Board of Governors for their approval or rejection.

Here is, basically, what the BOT proposes: (1) to relocate Silent Sam to an “exhibition center” building at the far extreme of the campus, far out of view of most people; (2) that building–which hasn’t even been built yet–it would cost taxpayers $5.3 million, plus $800,000 per year maintenance (for curators and additional staff!)

The Board of Governors (BOG) of UNC will meet this coming Friday, December 14, at which time they will consider the BOT’s recommendation. They will either approve it, or reject it. And they can, if they reject it, demand and direct that Silent Sam be put back on its pedestal according to state law (the 2015 Monuments Protection Law).

However, if they should approve the Recommendation, the proposal would then go to the NC Historical Commission for a final say so. And if approved there, then the BOG would have to make a request to the NC legislature for the funding. In the meantime, Silent Sam would remain in storage, until at the earliest, 2022—that is four years from now!


Here is the EMAIL address to reach all Board members:

You may address your message to Chairman Harry L. Smith, Jr. and the entire BOG. You should be precise and polite.

Here are some critical points that you may make in drafting your comments:

First, the “Recommendation” made by the Board of Trustees (BOT) to the Board of Governors is based on the consideration that the Confederate monument Silent Sam is threatened by demonstrators and mob violence. Thus to preserve the monument and maintain “public safety” the monument must be re-located.

FALSE: the 2015 Monuments Protection Law allows the relocation of a monument to preserve it only if it is suffering from internal physical problems, decay, etc. that is, natural causes, and NOT threats to it from a mob or demonstrators.  The Monuments Law talks of “public safety” meaning that the monument, because of its physical condition, might endanger passers-by, NOT the threats to public safety that come from demonstrators.   These are PUBLIC ORDER issues that must be handled by law enforcement, and cannot be used as reasons for permanent relocation.

Second, the BOT Recommendation petitions that Silent Sam be relocated to a university exhibition center, essentially what would be a museum, which would house what it calls “artifacts” of the university’s history. However, the 2015 Monuments Protection Law expressly PROHIBITS the relocation of a monument permanently to a museum or anything resembling a museum.  Thus, the BOT Recommendation violates the laws of the state of North Carolina.

Finally, the Board of Governors members should be reminded that the University of North Carolina belongs to the citizens of this state, is paid for by the citizens of this state, and that the overwhelming majority of citizens, in every poll conducted on this issue, want the monument put back in its original location. And that we do not wish to fork out $5.3 million in additional tax money to, in effect, placate a small minority of violence-prone demonstrators, a mob composed of Marxist  radicals.

Lastly, the board members should know that if this Recommendation is approved, there will be legal action and incredibly negative publicity which would, eventually, reflect on them, collectively and individually.

“Silent Sam” must be put back in its original location, with proper protective fencing, and the required police and law enforcement protection. That would be far less expensive than what the BOT proposes.

And students who flagrantly break the law—and professors who would join them in so doing—need to be expelled or terminated by the University. Then, let’s see how long those protests would continue.
When you write, please be concise and to the point. Please be respectful, give your name and address and, if you can, additional contact information. Let them know you are an interested citizen of North Carolina and that you are monitoring this process closely.

And, PLEASE, do not copy word-for-word what I’ve written above: use your own words, and maybe pick out some points to make.

BUT, PLEASE, I BEG YOU, ACT and ACT NOW. Although the Board of Governors is composed of Republican appointees, there is intense pressure being exerted by major Republican donors and “power brokers” to compromise and give in, essentially, to the mob.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT TO SAVE OUR MONUMENTS!  Do so, or watch them disappear!

Thank you, and your ancestors AND your grandchildren thank you!

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey, Commander, Col. Henry Burgwyn Camp, SCV

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  1. Carson Foard permalink
    December 9, 2018

    Thank you for this avenue to ensure the restoration of Silent Sam. We appreciate the work the SCV is doing to prevent the distortion and subsequent eradication of American history.

    • Matthew McGuigan permalink*
      December 9, 2018

      You’re welcome and thank you for all your support!

  2. Jackie hunter permalink
    December 10, 2018

    Do i believe in slavery or owning people NO but these statues are everyones heritage they should stay where they’re suppose too if you’re offended by this why are you here and yes its because of these people who fought and gave you and i that right

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