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The Enemy Within

2018 November 3
by Ellen Stone


We spend a lot of time talking about Yankees, antifa, liberals, and residents of the South who weren’t born here. But, are these groups really our biggest enemies? What of Southern-born folks, many of whom have Confederate ancestors, who turn their backs on their own heritage and family history? The Enemy Within may very well be our greatest foe.

Sadly, our school systems, our historical societies, our heritage groups, our churches, and our own families have fallen short way too often in keeping the truth of our history alive. We sat back in complacency while only the Union viewpoint was taught in our classrooms and while songs like “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” played in our churches. We created a void in many areas that liberals filled with propaganda and lies, paving the way for the environment we are currently living in.

Recently, in Salisbury, North Carolina, some members of St. John’s Lutheran congregation called for removal of a memorial called Fame. The statue depicts an angel holding a dying Confederate soldier. The fact that a memorial to our past family members who died defending their homes is now deemed offensive, even by people who were raised in our communities, is a testament to how desperately we need to educate against the lies and indoctrination.

Saving and caring for our memorials, as well as working to erect more, is crucial. Continuing to be proactive, speak up, engage others and share the truth is the least we can do to defend the honor of our grandfathers, uncles and cousins who fought so valiantly. It’s not just about ancestors, it’s about family. It’s not just about history, it’s about legacy. It’s not just about our past, it’s about our future.

Consider donating today so the NC Division of the SCV can continue to work to preserve Confederate heritage.



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  1. Lou Ellen Wilkie permalink
    November 4, 2018

    We all need to do what we are able to keep our heritage from being destroyed. Excellent article!

  2. Lynne Ruthsatz permalink
    November 5, 2018

    Most kids everywhere are not being taught to honor anything, With the schools full of liberal teachers its a wonder they learn anything at all besides Trump being the enemy. My daughter in law was telling me, she was amazed by how much history of the civil war her kids knew…….. We have to step up! Its important for our heritage and history to be taught truthfully! Not this garbage of slavery being the reason for the civil war, gag…

  3. (The Rev.) Thomas H. Harbold permalink
    November 5, 2018

    “It’s not just about ancestors, it’s about family. It’s not just about history, it’s about legacy. It’s not just about our past, it’s about our future.”

    How true! The saying is well-known, that “those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” It is also sometimes said that those who do not care about their ancestors will soon cease to care about their descendants.

    If they even have any! For if one does not believe one has anything of worth to pass down to future generations, what is the motivation to go to the trouble, expense, and often heartache of having and raising children?

    There is an often-missed connection, I think, between declining birth-rates, and declining reverence for one’s forebears; between lack of caring for the past, and lack of concern for the future. What will we teach our children if we have no past? And if we have no past, what is worth passing down to the future?

    Monuments and memorials are not merely mementos of a past, however glorious it may be: they are that, of course, and the past is the fertile ground in which the future grows. But they are also guideposts for the future, role-models and reminders of honour, loyalty, courage, and dedication, to one’s home, one’s family, and one’s land.

    I hope many more people read this excellent article, and are inspired to defend the icons of our past, not only for their own sake, but for their importance to future generations – and as encouragement, to be sure that those future generations are, in fact, there to heed their examples!

    • Ellen Stone permalink*
      November 5, 2018

      Thank you so much, Reverend.

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